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"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." - Steve Jobs

We're in a great technology disruption, where markets are being made overnight & others quickly killed off.  What was exciting and new 24 months ago could now be on its way out the door.  Many companies sit back and take a defensive posture - others innovate.

Liquidax Capital uses a value-added private equity model to help companies & their shareholders gain, maintain &/or regain market success & value.

Growth Opportunities

Innovation Asset Injections

Digital Innovation Assets for Industries in Rapid Transformation

Strategic assets correlated & tailored to corporate & sector needs

Minimize R&D, M&A, Operational & Commercialization Risks

Private Equity Opportunities

Opportunities that enable companies to accelerate digital innovation & market transformation with a goal of rapidly increasing competitive strength, driving new growth and excitement while increasing shareholder value.

Strategic Advisory Services

  • Technology M&A / Divestment
  • Public Equity Innovation PIPEs
  • IP Management
  • R&D Financing

About Us

What We Do

Liquidax focuses on injecting value and providing market leading opportunities to our partner companies.  We use our capital, superior innovation assets, rapid integration solutions & value-added capabilities to elevate partners to a position of capturing new market value & growth.

We offer:

  • Funded Innovation Asset Solutions
  • Rapid IP Asset & Technology Injections
  • Digital Technology Wrapping
  • Innovation / R&D Financing
  • Strategic Innovation Investment & Advisory Services

Why We Do It

The digital world is changing faster than ever and companies are struggling to keep pace while balancing shareholder expectations.  Liquidax offers a low-risk approach to meet the technological, operational and financial goals in order to accelerate growth, increase competitive strength and drive value.


Our firm is supported by partners and advisers who are experts in varying disciplines that are critical to providing clients & investors with the knowledge, advisory, capital, assets & opportunities they need to be successful in today's digital world.

Own Your Sector.

Industries are Rapidly Changing

Digital technologies are rapidly shifting corporate & competitive landscapes. The Internet, Connectivity, Mobility, Software, and Internet of Things (IoT) are creating large-scale digital product, service and operational transformations. From Automotive to Agriculture – digital technologies are re-inventing global markets. 

Traditional R&D is Expensive, Slow & Risky

Cutting edge R&D requires a massive investment of capital and time with no certainty of satisfactory results. In addition, the process of protecting your innovations can take years. With today’s rapid technology changes, there’s just too much risk for many companies in performing large-scale R&D and commercialization.

Liquidax Capital enables companies to take advantage of our Private Equity buying power, our War Chest of Intellectual Property Assets and our team of leading technology and innovation experts.

We offer a no-risk approach in providing you access to strategic & proprietary technology solutions, integration & commercialization know-how without, like those cash burning acquisitions, impacting your bottom line.

Digital M&A is Different

Shareholders demand quarterly growth with increased operating margins. Today's competitive landscape is changing faster than ever. Rapid innovation from VC backed startups and large competitors continue to place executive teams under pressure to innovate without compromising the bottom line.

The traditional approach would be increased R&D spends or an acquisition of one of those fast moving startups. However, the startups are losing money and R&D spend is already maximized to take care of legacy offerings. There is a new way.

Liquidax minimizes capital, operational and technical risks while increasing market and competitive positions. It's time for a change.

Latest Asset Video - Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the fastest moving technology areas impacting global industries.

Check out our latest IoT Video

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Public Equity Innovation PIPES™

Public & Pre-IPO companies are seeing increased competition from Startups & Corporate M&A. Liquidax Capital helps eliminate market challenges by supporting select companies with "no-cash" Innovation PIPEs. Contact us for approval. 

Global Support

Liquidax Capital executives and strategic partners work and live around the world.  We understand the cultural, language, legal and domain specific requirements for innovation management globally.  All countries are different.  You need experts that can support you at home and abroad. 

Careers - Grow with Liquidax

We're growing our team and looking for professionals globally.  If you are interested in a dynamic, self-starter position that helps corporate clients drive growth or alternative investments; send us your resume or CV to info@liquidax.com.

Here's a list of our latest opportunities:

  • Associate, Digital Innovation Assets
  • VP, Eastern Europe Public Equities
  • VP, Middle East Public Equities
  • VP, China Public Equities
  • VP, India Public Equities


In addition to providing key financial & innovation asset solutions; Liquidax also provides market research and briefs on those areas impacted by digital innovation.

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